Yoko Konoe (ヨーコ 近衛, Konoe Yoko) is the main character of Prince of Stride: Full Speed!!. She is a first year at Sumāto High School and is one of the stride club's members.

Appearance Edit

Yoko is a rather short girl and is mistaken as an introvert. She has straight black hair that ends just at her hips. Yoko's eyes are big and a dark violet colour.

She wears the Sumāto jersey (with yellow shoulders, dark blue lines at the wrist, an extended collar, "SUMāTO" on the right sleeve and "TaLK VIRAL" on the left. The school emblem being on the back.) Her hair is in buns with a few inches of hair coming out of the bottom.

Her school uniform consists of a knee-length, olive-coloured dress. Over the dress, she wears the school's white blazer, neatly buttoned-up, with the green ribbon on top. Yoko wears white knee-length socks and black flats.

Yoko's costume is pastel purple with white frills. The white collar wraps around her neck. The skirt is short and there isn't anything on her shoulders or arms. She wears ballet-like white shoes that have a decorative purple rose at the top.

Personality Edit

Calm and collected, Yoko is a quiet person when you'd first meet her. In front of her friends, she is very unpredictable and acts very happy-go-lucky.

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